What The Diva CAN do

The Diva is a complex little girl, and sometimes it can be easy to focus on what she's can't do. 

So here's a relatively up-to-date list of what she CAN do:

  • Her lungs can breathe without help and her heart beats in it's own healthy way (not to be taken for granted given her congenital hiatal hernia.)

  • She smiles at us and knows and loves her family

  • She rolls over (since 4 months)

  • She sits (8 months)

  • Her little legs have supported her weight if she's standing next to something since 10 months

  • She got "army-crawl" mobile at 10 months and pulled to stand at that time, also

  • Her palate repair is behind us

  • She cruises (12 months)

  • Her traditional crawl (14 months) is pretty much the cutest thing EVER, especially when she comes around the corner looking for me

  • She amazes us with her communicating and curiosity. She has about 7 or 8 signs (help, mama, all done, pick me up, hungry, more ...) but they come and go depending on what's really motivating her. PLUS! She can wave back when you wave to her and she claps along with you when you clap. This makes my day :)

  • She started saying "MAMAMA" meaningfully at about 2 and a half.

  • A few weeks before her 3rd birthday, she started WALKING!

Thank you, Jesus, for my precious Diva! We are so grateful for everything she does and everything she is and every good and perfect gift You have given us through her life on this earth.