Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Journey

Sometimes I shake my head when I think about the fact that I am sort of letting you all read my diary. :)

And then I think about how wonderful it was to have other CdLS bloggers sharing their thoughts and feelings back in those first few weeks of fear and unknown when Emma was born. I pray that somehow maybe my blog will fall into the right hands someday and encourage someone else.

I have several reasons (other than the obvious cathartic ones) why I blog; I hope to encourage others, I hope to receive encouragement, I hope to educate and spread awareness, I hope to introduce someone to our amazing God.

So with that hope, I'm attaching a link to this post to the side of my blog.

This post is full of links to posts from the past that mark significant steps in my own journey. Not Emma's journey, but mine. What has God taught me? What do I really want to share? What emotions did I have that I wish someone else had told me were normal at the time? :)

I blogged before we had Emma, so you'll read posts from my pregnancy and NICU, as well as Dx-day (diagnosis day) and my journey since then.

But fair warning: if you do actually make yourself some hot cocoa and sit awhile to read about our journey, please realize that these are uncensored posts. I haven't changed them since I wrote them, so they are there with all the naivete and ignorance and fear and raw emotion you are used to if you've been around here long enough. Which means I hadn't met Emma yet in some of them, and I hadn't fallen in love with other CdLS kids yet, and I hadn't embraced special needs parenting yet ... please extend grace where appropriate! My goal is to share our journey so that others may be encouraged

I'll probably add more links to this post as time goes by. I'm just hoping to have a place to link to the really amazing stuff the Lord has taught me through my life with Emma ... you know, so you don't have to wade through all the cute videos of Charlie that no one cares about but the grandmothers!! :)

So here goes:

These are from my pregnancy:
20 weeks
30 weeks
A revelation from an MRI
Prayers for healing
Trusting God - Be Still

Birth, NICU, and diagnosis:
NICU discharge - a rough day
diagnosis day
Dx honesty

Reflections on Emma's first birthday
part 1
Emma's first Birthday

Lessons God has taught me through Emma
Dear Stranger
Giggles and Bad Guys - the blessing of Charlie
It happened in Target
Non-political pro-life
Charlie: "I wish Emma didn't have CdLS"

From Emma's 2012 Nissen re-do and hospitalization
Do Not
Shouldn't Haftas
I {heart} Scripture

Fighting Dragons and Chasing Bunnies

Those are the ones that I think about when I think what God has taught me. If you've been around here awhile, do you have others that you think I should share? Let me know!

God bless you!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

What an open and honest post. Blogging has lead me to so many moms in situations similar to our own. It's so comforting! I will be sure to make some steamy hot coffee tonite and grab a cookie before I sit down and read those links. :)