Monday, December 1, 2014

Cognitive, Schmognitive

So, my princess-who-I-love-more-than-life-itself has reached an exciting new developmental milestone.

She can now be willfully disobedient.

I was excited at first.

See, she can now follow directions!  Her Royal Highness can now, when asked to, pick something up and throw it in the garbage, or go and get something and bring it to Mommy, or hang up her coat at therapy, or go and turn off the light (which she has just turned on ... again ...)

Which is really great!


Now, she has gotten bored with showing off the fact that she CAN follow directions and, with the grin of the Cheshire Cat, takes a moment to decide whether or not she WILL follow directions

"Yes, Mother, I realize you want me to pick up the crayons I just threw on the ground, but you make funny noises when I DON'T pick up the crayons I just threw on the ground."

And my favorite ...

When she throws something she shouldn't throw, her consequence is that she needs to pick it up.  She knows this.  She also, therefore, knows the sign for "pick up"

And ... if she's feeling spunky ...

She'll throw something, I'll sign for her to pick it up, she'll laugh, and then she'll sign "You!  Pick up!"

Her therapists say I should be VERY proud of the cognitive gains she's making.  They say that the cognitive ability required to be willfully defiant is a huge milestone for Emma.

My dear friend said it best:
Cognitive, schmognitive

At least she's cute! :)

(ok ... maybe i'm a little proud of her ... but don't tell her, okay?)