Thursday, May 16, 2013


Ok, so Becky would never post this, but that's why I'm here! Here's a video of Becky giving a testimony last night. It's AWESOME!! The video quality is not so great, but the content is worth it!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trying to conjure the emotions ...

We have lived in our current house for more than 7 years.  Two babies and a LOT of other stuff later, we are moving.

I gotta be honest, I thought I'd be more emotional. I honestly have been wondering when the tears were going to start.

I am the type of person who gets comfortable.  I dislike change.  In my early 20s, when it was time to admit that my first car wasn't reliable enough to drive anymore, I cried like a baby, patted it's hood, and told it that it was going to be going to a nice place with an open field where it could run and play with all the other cars ...


But for lots of reasons, our current house is not right for our family anymore.  Many of those reasons are Emma-related, (it's a split-level floor plan and our bedroom is not on the same level as hers) and I sort of have been assuming that I would eventually start grieving that.  The house that I LOVED 5 years ago is not right for us any more because of a medically-complicated and developmentally delayed little girl.

But I am not sad :)

I am thankful that we can move.  I am thankful for where we are going.  I am thankful that we are actually going to be closer to the kids' schools and our church.  I am thankful for the friends who can help us.  I am thankful that Charlie is excited.

(and, as a side note, I mentioned to a few of my friends that Emma has been panicking whenever we've gotten out a box to pack ... she made her peace with the boxes this week, asserting her dominance over them by unpacking some and repacking others with half-eaten animal crackers ... I am counting that as a victory ... and I am thankful :) )

I am surprised by my lack of sadness, and loving it.  I really am ok.  I really do believe that home is where the heart is and the pieces of my heart that walk around outside my body (with my husband and kids) would be better elsewhere, and so I am joyfully and thankfully going.

Yes, if these walls could speak, they'd have tales to tell.

But they can't

So we are moving on.

Praise and glory to God, I think it's possible that I may have grown up a bit since I cried over my car. :)  And I am thankful for that, also.