Friday, October 30, 2009

I've thought about not publishing this post several times for fear that all it would be is me bragging again (not that I'm going to stop bragging any time soon:)), but I really do want to encourage my fellow moms about Bible verse memorization.

The Bible is very important in our household and I want Charlie to know that.

I grew up with a Mom who did the same and I have seen it bear fruit in my life.

Not that a two-year-old really gets the level of dependence that an adult will understand by knowing that we can "Cast all your cares upon Him who cares for you." or that "As for God, His way is perfect." But I didn't get it fully when I was a kid, either. It was a seed that was planted for future use.

And if you've read my blog for any amount of time, you know how much I lean on the Word during this season of my life.

So here's what we have done with Charlie. Not bragging, just hoping to inspire.

He's not 3 yet and he knows the following verses. We use them throughout the day (Ep 6:1 is easy with a two-year-old ...) and he knows what they all mean ("Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus" ... repent means to say you're sorry, "Keep your tongue from evil" means to use nice words with a nice voice)

God is Love. I John 4:8

Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. Ep 6:1

Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you. Joshua 1:9

Keep your tonuge from evil. Ps 34:13

Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus. Acts 2:38

Nothing can ever seperate us from God's love. Romans 8:38

Praise ye the Lord. Ps 137:1

As for God, His way is perfect. 2 Sam 22:31a

I can do all things through Christ. Phil 4:13

and right now we're working on ...

How great is the Father's love he has lavished on us that we might be called children of God ... ummm, I forget where that is ... that's a Veggie Tales one ... that's one of the tricks with this! YOU have to know them, too! :)

I love the part in this video where he says, "I did it!" He's very proud when he learns a verse and wants to share it with everyone ... which is awkward when he leans over to his friend Eli during a playdate lunch and says "Keep your tongue from EVIL!" (not that Eli was in need of correcting and not that Charlie was correcting, he was just proud ... it was, um, funny)

What verses do you have planted in your heart? Not really sure which one I'm going to teach Charlie next and I'd love to hear suggestions of your or your kids' favorite verses!

Just a laugh :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Choosing joy today

I could be sad, but I'm going to decide not to.

At storytime at the library this morning, we met a family with two kids around my kids' ages. The little girl, who was clearly just learning to walk and talk, toddled over to Emma's carseat, where I was just strapping her in, and pointed and said "Beh?" and her Mom said, "Yes! That's a baby!" We asked how old each other's kids were and it turns out that Emma is actually a few weeks older than this little girl ...

Oh, well.

But you know what God has blessed me with that that Mommy doesn't have (I assume, anyway)?

Someday, if Emma is ever able to point to something and SAY what it is, I will have the immeasurable joy that comes with milestones reached that COULDN'T have been taken for granted. If I had only been given children that I knew would eventually walk and talk and took that for granted, I never would understand the miracle of the depth of dependence I have come to find in my Heavenly Father during uncertainty and the joy I get to experience when he gives me gifts I didn't see coming! I'm not saying all parents of typical children take their development for granted, it's just that I'm a prideful person and my son's development can sometimes be a stumbling block for me to fall into a pride that gets in the way of my relationship with my God. He knew I needed her.

I'm truly thankful that God gave me an Emma.

Can I challenge you to choose joy? What is difficult in your life that has the chance to make you sad? Can you find God in that? I found Him in an MRI tube, remember?

As Paul wrote from prison, "Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say Rejoice!" (too lazy to go get my Bible, it's in Philippians 4 somewhere)

That's my choice today ... or tonight ... or this hour, anyway. I'm human, I'm sure I'll forget. :)

And I have to admit, that's kinda why I blog sometimes ... if you read about my choice now it keeps me accountable to it later when I've forgotten about it :) i appreciate you!

Good night

Friday, October 23, 2009

1.21 Jiggowatts!

are you geek enough?

come on, you know you were JUST thinking in the shower this morning, "Wonder where that guy is now?"

oh, you weren't? oh, well.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

lots and lots of pictures - we've been busy

Sometimes I feel like if you were to ask me any given day how things are going, I might make it sound like life is always hard and stressful. Yes, my grandmother was in the hospital and yes, Emma has surgery coming up, but MOSTLY life is just fine! Enjoyable, even! :)

That, and my husband loves me, the kids are healthy and God is good, so really, what is else do you need to know? :)

My goodness, she's cute ... if I do say so myself ... and I do :)

Charlie and Daddy did some serious man-work this weekend out in the yard. Charlie is very helpful.

See? Helpful. He's stomping the leaves in the garbage cans down for Daddy!

So this last picture, I'm not entirely clear what's going on. I think this is an astronaut's helmet?? Maybe? It came back from Duluth ... i think. Charlie had SUCH a great time with Grandma and Papa and Buddy! He's been talking non-stop about the Nature Center visit and going to the Depot to see the Trains. "And we had a snack at the Trains! It was REALLY good! I think it was called ... CHEETOS!"

I just thought I'd post some pictoral evidence of "normal" :)

God bless!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just another conversation with the boy

(can we all shake our collective fists at the heavens that we still don't have a stinking date for Emma's surgery?!?!!? argh!)

I'm sure I'm not the only Mommy who has found she can de-rail the "Why Train" with the phrase: "That's how God made them"

"Mommy, what on the back of that zebra?"
"His tail"
"Why is that his tail?"
"Because that's what hair on the back of an animal is called."
"Why does he have a tail?"
"I bet he uses it to shoo off flies"
"Cuz that's how God made him."

Quick, argue with that, two-year-old!

But Charlie has now caught on:

"Why does Wyatt say 'Calling all Super Readers?'"
"Because Red Riding Hood is having trouble with her apples." (if you're not familiar, don't ask, it's not worth it)
"Why are they going to the Book Club?"
"To try to solve Red's problem."
"Why is Pig there, too?"
"Because he's one of the Super Readers."
"Why did God make them Super Readers?"

Yup, it's official, God made everything! Even the Super Readers!

Quick Gommy update: Thank you for your prayers! She seems to be doing better! My grandmother has been discharged from the hospital to a transitional care facility until she no longer needs oxygen. From there she has nurses regulating her blood thinners and such and she's going to be doing some OT and PT to get her back to where she was before this hospital adventure.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Life, death, and Facebook

Still no word from Emma's doctor, which means we won't know until next week when her surgery will be. As I was discussing with some of my CdLS friends on Facebook, I'm REALLY dreading this surgery because of the "hand-off" moment. I've handed her over to an anesthesiologist twice in her life now, but the first time she was still in her NICU isolete and the second time she was still a sleepy infant. But now she smiles and plays and knows her mama and signs "all done" to get out of eating practice and I'm SO STINKIN IN LOVE WITH HER! I don't WANNA send her back to surgery again!!! (whine) But I will be glad when the palate repair is over, so let's just get this over with, shall we?

Soon. Patience ....

Ok, next emotion. Cuz I was bored ...

My mom's mom, who I've called 'Gommy' my whole life, is in the hospital. She and Granddaddy were the grandparents I was closest to and saw most often in my life. Granddaddy's in heaven now, and Gommy misses him so much. She's ready to go home to him and to her Savior.

She's in congestive heart failure because her heart has been working way too hard to pump around some rather large clots in her lungs. (that's my best understanding of the situation, anyway) She's on oxygen, but has given anyone who will listen strict instructions that she doesn't want a feeding tube or anything like that! :) She's ready, and that's ok. It will be hard and sad to say goodbye, but really, it's ok, I'm happy for her that she has eternity to look forward to.

There's every possibility that the medicine they are giving her right now (blood thinners, I think) will do the trick and she'll be back playing bridge in a couple of weeks, but is it ok to say I kind of hope not? Really, as sad as I'll be to let her go, I will be sad if she has to stay here, too. She sees it coming, she's looking forward to it, and the weather here sucks! (metaphorically speaking :))

So I'm praying that my brothers and mom and I can play one last hand of bridge with her before she goes, but I'm not asking Jesus to heal her body. Please pray with me for my family? We'll miss her!


And finally, on a lighter note

I was SO embarrassed to learn this afternoon that a virus going through Facebook made it look like I posted a video that, when clicked on, sent poor unsuspecting users to ... let's call it a website of ill repute. I just want to make sure I've made it very clear to all my Internet friends: GROSS!!! I would never post that!!!!! If you see a link titled "Amazing video" on Facebook, I assure you that's it's NOT from me! And don't click on it, because I think it infects your account and then you get the embarrassment of looking like YOU'VE sent it to all of YOUR friends!


Ok, I'm done.

God bless!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What do you think?

Now that they are home, I can blog about it! :) I was alone with Emma for a few days because Josh and my brother went up to the Boundary Waters to be men and Charlie was dropped off at Grandma and Papa's on the way. I love that my husband and my brother had a great time.

And apparently it was beautiful ...

Then it snowed more than they were expecting, so they had the sense to come home :) I love them.
But he can post more about that if he wants to. What I really wanted to put out there today was this:
Emma looks SO much like her Daddy!!

I mean, I hadn't thought about it until I entered the Special Needs world, but kids who's looks portray a syndrome often don't get the "you have your Daddy's eyes" complements.
I thought about this because we went to see Emma's ENT yesterday. He has known Emma since NICU and originally didn't think she "looked like" CdLS. But yesterday he made some sort of comment about how "as she grows I see CdLS more! guess there's a reason I'm not a geneticist."
I didn't take any offense to this comment; he was being apologetic about his original thought, but it got me thinking about "what Emma looks like."
Yes, of course she looks like a child with CdLS. She has CdLS!!!
But is there any denying she REALLY looks like her Daddy, too?
And don't walk on eggshells! I'm not saying Josh secretly has CdLS!
I'm encouraging you all, if you know a family with, for example, a child with Down's Syndrome, to find the family characteristics and see that! They will also look like their parents and I bet their parents would LOVE it if you point it out :)
Just a thought :) Have a blessed day!!
PS - Emma's ENT and Emma's GI doc's office are playing phone tag right now to try to coordinate schedules so that we can have Emma's palate repaired and have an endoscopy done at the same time. She's old enough now, it's time to schedule the surgery. I'll let you know when they come up with a date, thanks for all your prayers!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My day with my Emma -

Emma and I had a GREAT day just the two of us today! I had forgotten how, when you're only with one babe, the world gets much smaller and almost fades away until their every move seems hugely significant and you feel as if you've just had the most inspiring conversation on the planet, even though she just blew bubbles at you. :)

Did I mention I love my daughter?

Ok, so on with the adorable pictures and dubiously interesting videos

How would you NOT fall in love with this beautiful little lady?

She has been loving standing lately, so the back of the couch is covered in drool from our tooth-cutting princess! You can tell that she feels very big girl about it, though, so it's totally worth it!

And without Charlie's assistance, I was finally able to get a good video of how exactly she gets from Point A to Point B. I was also finally able to convince our early childhood teacher from the school district yesterday that it's really ok if she never does this "right."

She's SO close to cruising! She does it occassionally without thinking about it ... anyway, the next video contains the adorable aforementioned raspberry blowing skills :)

And here's something new today!

Emma sits just fine and goes from sitting to down on the floor to crawl just fine but with those little hands and little arms, she has not been able to pull up on anything to stand from a sitting position ... until TODAY! Yay!

Of course, she can only do it on something she can get a really good grip on, so if I'm wearing a big comfy sweatshirt, it's the PERFECT opportunity to practice. However, since clothing is really the only she's found so far that she can pull up on, it makes this skill difficult to video, but obviously I had to try! :)

Since I was holding the video camera, I let her pull up on my legs. She does get all the way up to standing with my shirt, I promise! :)

Quick! turn the camera off before she crawls up and over the other side and lands on her face! :)

ok, fine she doesn't do it in the last one, but isn't she cute?

I know, I know, I'm nauseated by me, too :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Psalm 139 - Your works are wonderful, I know that full well!

I was singing along with the radio today with my kids and this song came on. I heard an interview once with the artist saying that he wrote the song for the youth group at his church and didn't really expect to ever hear it on the radio.

I was dancing in the kitchen with Emma, singing, and this song took on new meaning.

It's supposed to be for women old enough to be influenced by what the world says we're supposed to look like, and for that purpose it's a great song!

But I was reminded again how wonderfully and beautifully made my children are.

Made to fill a purpose ...

Emma and Charlie, you can never be more beautiful than the way God made you! I pray that you will always know how much HE treasures you both!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

So, what have we been up to?

Oh, this and that ... :)

It's definitely officially fall around here, so we got together with some friends and made caramel apples. The mommies dipped the apples and the kids decorated them with little M&M's and toffe and such. By the time we got around to eating them the caramel and therefore all the carefully decorated toppings had slid down the apple, so it looked a little silly, but we enjoyed them all the same!

Then, on Sunday, both children SLEPT for most of the day! Emma has decided it's ok to be a cuddle-bug, so I caught a very sweet moment with her and Daddy.

By the way, her G-tube injection study results are "within normal parameters," which has left me wondering what the next step is. Dr A (GI doc) wanted to look into the retching after a feeding, but I'm not sure if he will now wait until she's under anesthesia for her palate repair to do an endoscopy or if he just wants to wait and see if the new new reflux med regimine helps enough to everyone's satisfaction ... he's supposed to call me this afternoon.
But Emma is doing GREAT! Last night at dinner, she actually sat in her Bumbo during her tube and opened her little baby bird mouth for a couple of spoonfuls of applesauce from Josh! That's the first time I've seen that in weeks! Go Daddy!

Then Josh's family came down yesterday, including his sister and Cousin Ruby! It's a rare sight to have all 3 cousins in the same room at the same time, so we tried for a picture ... this was the best we could get :)
I'm kind of hoping the sun will come out someday soon, but until then, I'm taking a nap!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

i'll post more when i understand

Just wanted to thank you for your prayers for Emma this morning. she pretty much hated the procedure, but it went fine. the radiologist said that she is refluxing through her Nissen, but i don't know how badly or if it means anything for her feeding right now. hopefully i'll be talking to our Pediatrician Who I Love tomorrow and feel out what exactly the results of this study mean.

at the very least, i'm glad that the new reflux meds seem to be helping and she doesn't seem nearly as uncomfortable as she was.

everyone's fine for the time being. Emma did finally forgive me for holding her down during the test and everyone's taking a NICE LONG NAP now! :)