Sunday, March 30, 2008

Future handyman, hard at work!

One of Charlie's favorite past times is "fixing" things with his plastic screwdriver from the tools truck Uncle Mark bought him before he was even born. He loves pretending to do grown-up stuff, which includes wearing daddy's shoes, hat, and, on this particular day, his head lamp :)

We had a great weekend this weekend. Charlie is getting so good at his signs and following directions and listening when we say that something isn't for a Charlie. He does "more", "food", "milk", "cheese", "music", and now he's gotten really good at "please" and "thank you" with sign language. At a restaurant today he dropped something on the floor and a woman picked it up for him and he signed "thank you" to her! Very charming little dude!
He's also, however, getting to that stage where he's frustrated because he can't communicate his wants, so he sometimes gets a little whiny, but he's responding really well to being told to "ask nicely", which means signing or trying to say the word or signing "please." He says a lot of words inconsistently, but he's still frustrated by the big difference between how much he understands, how much he wants to communicate, and how much he can say.
But I know that before we know it, he's going to be chatting up a storm and I'll long for the days when he was happy to sit and babble. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Charlie's such a big help!

Mommy was cleaning the floor this morning (somehow it's dirtier than it used to be ... where did all these splashes of milk come from??) and Charlie wanted to help.

So we got him his own rag and little bucket from his new set of bathtub toys, and he went to work.
It was very helpful ... but not really. But he had this look on his face that he was in the middle of a very important mission that mommy clearly could not do without his assistance. What did we ever do without him? :)

We've also learned a couple of new words. My favorite is "GO!" as in, "Mommy, I've climbed on to my tractor, make it GO!"

And Auntie Chelsea taught him "ARRR" to say when he wears his pirate's bandanna (which came in a McD's happy meal)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter! (or palm sunday)

First came the donkey at the Children's Sermon on Sunday.

Then came the Palm Parade

Then came the "Men At Work"

You see Charlie's light that he plays with on Nana's oven was burned out (which may or may not be due to the fact that Charlie left it on last time he was at Nana's, but we digress). It was a tragedy! So Charlie "helped", Uncle Dave did the work (in this picture, Dave may or may not have just realized that he dropped a screw behind the oven door .. not to worry, though, Charlie's got his screwdriver and he's "fixing" the other screw), while Daddy texted work!

Then Charlie went on an Easter Egg hunt! (video pending ... we're having issues)

and we're experiencing technical difficulties with videos at the moment, but stay tuned for another adorable posting of charlie opening grandma and grandpa watczak's easter box.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

He's ba-ack!

So mommy got home from work tonight to find an amusing sight ...

Apparently charlie ate for about 2 hours straight tonight and was still sitting on the counter with daddy tonight eating anything he could get his hands on at 7 pm.

"oh, mommy, you're home, can you open this for me?"

"and now i'll take a banana, please"

We're soooo glad he's back to eating. when he toddles around in his little diaper before his bath, he looks a bit like a candidate for Feed My Starving Children, but it's nice to know he's getting better. we haven't had anything gross happen in over 48 hours, so i think everything's back to normal.

and as for daddy letting him sit on the counter and graze on whatever he wants ... well, we're excited he's eating, let's leave it at that!

and who taught this child the sign for "more," anyway? :)

nice to have a healthy charlie back.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i spoke with charlie's pediatrician this morning

and she says that diarrhea might continue this week, but that once a day isn't anything to be concerned about. she gave me some more tips about food, etc, but she's not concerned about the weight loss. she said it's to be expected and he'll regain the weight soon. she says he doesn't need to be seen, even though he's looking pretty thin these days ...

he's really turned a corner, though, so i'm very optimistic about a fun weekend seeing family!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

... and counting

i'm getting weary of writing about a sick charlie, and i was looking back today about how long ago we wrote the first post about him not feeling well ... that was quite some time ago! but really, he's been quite a trooper. very sweet, very snuggly, sleeping well through it all, which is so important. i love that he's still at an age where mommy and daddy snuggles still make something feel better.

still not reliably holding food down, and when he does get a meal through his system, things are not going well on the other end. so we are just trying to get him to get enough nutrients to get his little body to recover. priase God that he doesn't seem to be in pain, but he's still not a super happy camper.

Friday, March 7, 2008

But he's still way cute!

We're having a very playful day today ...

"Where's Charlie?"
"Here I am!"

I love the giggly stumble towards mommy to get a big hug when a "lost" Charlie has been found.

Or perhaps we spoke too soon

We're still not quite out of the woods, apparently, although the little guy is acting more like himself and requesting food with his signs, he's not keeping much down anymore ...

I'm ready for a healthy Charlie again!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

100% Better!

We've got our Charlie back! Eating, laughing, playing, goofing off with mommy, being his usual adorable self.

So this afternoon, it being a balmy 25 degrees here in the cities, we decided to get a little fresh air.
Don't worry, Grandma, he did have several layers, including polar fleece, under that jacket, and check out those stylin' garage-sale boots!!
So what are we doing out here, guys?

Oh, I see!

Is that what this thing is for? Ok ...

Show me how it's done, daddy!

Ummmmm, really?

You sure it's not more like this?

So after the driveway (and daddy) had the snow removed from it, we went inside for a hearty meal of ravioli and meat sauce, which Charlie ate ravenously! He's been so deprived of food lately (not being able to keep any of it down and all ...). He ate everything on his tray and a lot of what was on daddy's plate as well.

We're so glad to have the little dude healthy again, and mommy's excited to get to sleep all night and not have to wake up and push fluids. It's just not fun having a sick kid. Thanks, mom for doing that for me (I'm assuming you did, anyway, even though i know i was an extraordinarily easy child to raise...)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Still not feeling well ...

... but mommy and daddy are getting lots of snuggles!

Daddy is feeling much better, but charlie still isn't keeping anything down but pedialyte. poor little guy doesn't understand why we won't let him eat! we tried a banana today and that ended quite poorly, so we know we still can't eat anything but saltines and pedialyte.

still, i'm feeling so much better knowing that this is just a bug, nothing any more scary than that. and seriously, as much as i miss the fun-loving little dude, i'll take the snuggles!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy day, awful night

Both Charlie and Josh were up sick multiple times last night, so mommy's on sheet-changing, toilet-cleaning, pedialyte-giving, gatorade-refilling duty, which makes us all one very tired family.

But the silver lining is, as I was thinking last night, I've never been more grateful to be in the realm of normal diseases. Charlie isn't dehydrated and we know how to keep him that way and there isn't anything weird or fearful in a simple case of the flu. I can handle icky-ness, as long as he's not turning funny colors anymore. It's amazing how God works to give you peace by showing you that it could be worse.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

a happy charlie day!

Charlie is feeling much better today, even if we're still on a very limited diet. He even felt up to showing off some of his skills for the video camera ...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

And the saga continues ....

Charlie picked up a GI bug at the ER

Diarrhea and vomiting are our new excitement. He's not eating much, but what he has eaten today has come out unpleasantly one end or the other. Nurse's orders are to not let him go for more than 3 hours without liquids.

We're tired

I spent quite some time on the phone with a nurse from Children's trying to determine whether this was related to the Erythema Multiforme (and whether it was turning from minor to major). After lots of questions, we determined that the rash really was healing as much as I thought it was, as he's looking much better.

So now we're back in the range of normal childhood illnesses. Sort of a relief, I guess, but when we're up in the middle of the night tonight, that's not going to be super helpful.