Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's not okay to neglect the kids, it is okay to neglect the blog.

Hello, there, Blogland!

I needed a little break :)  Not in a bad way, I just have had other things pulling me in other directions and, well, to be honest - its not okay to neglect the kids, it is okay to neglect the blog. 

I enjoy this space and the relationships it fosters and the mutual blessings we experience from public reflection ... but I hope you'll agree with me that when life gets busy and a mom is pressed for time ... a bloggy-break is the correct decision.

I had a break in the action today, though, and realized I missed this outlet.  So here I am :)

I think it's okay to share that we are moving soon.  We are staying in the same area, but we found a house that fits our family's needs better.  We are very blessed that this is not a move that we were forced into, and we are so thankful for this new place. 

And in the midst of that process, Emma came down with c diff again (yes, again again).  As empowering as it felt to have a doc willing to send a prescription based on just a Saturday morning phone call from a mom who knows what c diff smells like ... I'm a little over it and so are her docs.  We are all a little unsure of what happened here and why.  However, for the time being the infection is gone as she's back on medicine.  We will talk to her GI doc soon and come up with a plan.

God has been so gracious to our family.  I am constantly reminded that I do NOT have what it takes to live this life and that's when I turn around and remember that He's always in the canoe with me - so we just keeping paddling.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!